New iPad Retina display to aid video analysis say MLB stars

Following the new iPad release MLB players and coaches have praised the tablet's display

The Apple iPad has become an indispensable tool since launch with MLB coaches suggesting the new Retina display will aid in video analysis

In the wake of Friday’s new iPad 3 release date, the third-generation tablet has won praise from an unusual place with Major League Baseball coaches suggesting the tablet’s Retina display will help players further analyse the intricacies of the game.

With the new MLB season set to kick off in a matter of weeks, a selection of coaches from America’s pastime sport have spoken out on Apple’s latest tablet offering stating the introduction of the long coveted 2048 x 1536p Retina display party piece will aid teams and players in breaking down the mechanics of the game and further analyse the play of their competitors whilst on the road.

“Look around the clubhouse. Just about every single (player) has an iPad they can use to prepare for a game,” Rob Coughlin, manager of the Cincinnati Reds said following the release of Apple’s new iPad. He added: “With the '3,' now you're going to be able to see the grip on the baseball, perhaps even the rotation of the baseball and be able to (better) break down mechanics.

"A decade ago (the latest) was VHS tapes, then the quality of video improved when everything went digital. Now, the next step is getting everything in high definition. The clearer the picture, the clearer you can see what the pitcher is trying to do."

Coughlin’s comments have been echoed by his counterparts at other Major League Baseball clubs with Los Angeles Angles Senior Video Coordinator Diego Lopez stating "If you can detect somebody tipping a pitch or maybe doing something with their mechanics, there is an advantage." Philadelphia Phillies catcher Brian Schneider suggested staff will load footage of opponent’s pitchers on to iPads for the team to analyse on the way to games.

Apple new iPad 3 Specs

Officially unveiled on March 7th, the new iPad touched down in the UK, US and a host of other countries last Friday, March 16th, with a bevy of new features and high-end specs.

As well as the new eye catching Retina display party piece, the new iPad boasts an improved iSight 5-megapixel camera on the rear and an ARM A5X dual-core processor with quad-core graphics. Due to this selection of new innards, which includes a dramatically larger battery, the new iPad lines up marginally thicker than its predecessor, the market dominating iPad 2.

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Via: TechRadar