New iPad, iPod and iPhone rumours emerge

Plans for rejigged iPod, iPad and even iPhone 5 leaked

Latest rumours reckon new-look iPad could land before Christmas.

The Apple rumour mill is cranking itself back up today, with chatter about a slew of new kit packing iOS. The gossip comes from iLounge, which has spoken to a, “…highly reliable source,” who was previously on the money with the iPad and iPod nano.

Word is the new iPod line will land next month, with a tweaked iPod nano and iPod touch. So far, so bland, right? Well, there’s also talk about a tiny touchscreen replacement for the iPod shuffle and a 3-inch take on the touch. The latter sounds interesting, but surely the former flies in the face of the shuffle’s pared down skills.

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Most excitingly, talk of a new iPad rocking a 7-inch screen also crops up, with a late 2010 or early 2011 release planned. A cheaper, smaller model would surely fly off the shelves and get unsure punters reaching for their wallets.

But perhaps strangest of all is a supposed iPhone 5 coming in early 2011, with the express aim of solving the antenna issues of the current model. Surely that’s way too soon and would leave current owners seething after spending hundreds on the all-new smartphone.

Of course, all of this is tittle-tattle. But a new-look iPad has certainly got us het up. What do you reckon? Tell us now on Twitter and Facebook.

Via iLounge