New iPad app syncs with TV show as you're watching

US show 'My Generation' to show interactive content

iPad microphone listens to the TV show and sends polls and quizzes.

A new app for the Apple iPad will listen in on a US TV show as you watch and provide interactive content to augment the experience, it was revealed today.

In one of the most innovative and future-gazing uses we've seen on the tablet yet, the built-in microphone on the iPad will pick up exactly what's going on during the new ABC show My Generation.

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As the epsoside unfolds quizzes, polls and behind the scenes footage and will be delivered directly to your iPad along with the obligatory links to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The free My Generation Sync app for iPad also supports the catch-up TV generation, as the user experience being totally defined by what the viewer is watching at that time, rather than delivering the content at the network alloted timeslot.

We can think of many fantastic uses for this. A poll asking you to spot Phil Mitchell's lost crack-rock on Eastenders and on a more serious note, man of the match votes during football matches.

As each day passes we see more and more innovative uses for the iPad and this is potentially one of the biggest yet. We're excited for the tech to come to the UK.

Link: CNN