New Halo 4 multiplayer gaming features revealed

343 Industries developed Halo 4 to scrap Firefight modes in place of new Spec Ops missions

Bringing an end to the Halo franchise Firefighter gaming modes, 343 Industries is to replace multiplayer offering with new Spec Ops missions

Ahead of the game’s late 2012 release, new Halo 4 multiplayer gaming features have emerged revealing the title is to lose the franchise’s Firefight modes in place of Spec Ops missions.

Announced via the US gaming magazine Game Informer, the newly outed Halo 4 features have suggested the 343 Industries developed sequel will introduce a bevy of new gameplay modes and features whilst bringing an end to one of the franchise’s key offerings.

“343 Industries has no plans to include a dedicated Firefight mode,” the report suggests. “Halo 4's campaign is still playable with four players online (in reference to Sparan Ops, ensuring players that Spartan Ops will not replace the campaign coop experience).”

Whilst the Bunge replacing developer has yet to confirm its reasoning for scrapping the Halo Firefight mode, further new introductions to the Halo 4 title include a new payment system entitled ‘Spartan Points’ allowing gamers to purchase items such as armour, Spartan Ops missions and additional abilities.

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Via: CVG