New GTA V images reveal new weapons and locations

Go scuba-diving, sky-diving or just cause mayhem with a minigun

Image 1 of 12 gta v market
Image 2 of 12 gta v scuba
Image 3 of 12 gta v river
Image 4 of 12 gta v bicycles
Image 5 of 12 gta v minigun
Image 6 of 12 gta v police helicopter
Image 7 of 12 gta v motorbike
Image 8 of 12 gta v pier
Image 9 of 12 gta v sunset
Image 10 of 12 gta v lead character
Image 11 of 12 gta v sportscar
Image 12 of 12 gta v sky diving

Grand Theft Auto V is managing to fight through the noise surrounding Bioshock Infinite and Battlefield 4. How you ask? A new set of images have been released

Rockstar have unveiled a new set of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots which show new locations from the game along with some of the new vehicles and weapons that gamers will be able to use.

The screens show the lead characters sky-diving out of a plane, scuba-diving (a first for the Grand Theft Auto series) and also riding a bicycle, they also show some of the cars available.

Not only do you get to see new locations but you also see the first example of a weather system with one image showing the city in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Another also shows off some of the weaponry available in GTA V with one of the lead characters using a minigun with a burning police car in the background.

Grand Theft Auto V was recently delayed and now has an official release date of September 17 on Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.