New Google Doodle celebrates Mother's Day in the UK

Google's latest Doodle is a wax crayon themed image to celebrate Mother's Day

Having handed yesterday over to St. Patrick's Day, a new Google Doodle has honoured Mother's Day in the UK with a wax crayon image

Google has taken part in today’s Mother’s Day celebrations in the UK handing its logo over to British mums in the form of a new crayon based Google Doodle.

Following on from yesterday’s St. Patricks Day themed Google Doodle, the world’s leading search engine has today once again offered its infamous logo over to the day’s celebrations with the new doodle paying homage mums with a wax crayon themed rendition of its logo that has the appearance of having been drawn by a child.

Often capturing the imagination of the internet searching public, a number of recent Google Doodles have turned in to global phenomenon with the often art-based images paying respect to everything from the birthdays to long deceased visionaries to the anniversary of key cultural events.

Perhaps the most popular Google Doodle to date was the interactive Pac Man offering that saw those visiting the internet behemoths site able to play a special Google logo themed celebratory rendition of the iconic arcade game classic.

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