New Gmail features target ugly email faux pas

Gmail update to end damaging recipient mix ups

Recipient features added by Google

Google has announced two new features for its Gmail email client targeted at reducing the risk of potentially damaging email slip ups.

Entitled ‘Don’t forget Bob’ and ‘Got the wrong Bob?’ the two new features are to be put in place with the intention of ensuring Gmail users do not miss out intended recipients or accidentally send emails to the wrong people respectively.

‘Don’t forget Bob’, which will offer suggestions of other contacts you might be meaning to include in an email, is to be joined by ‘Got the wrong Bob?’, a feature set with the task of eradicating those cringe worthy moments when you realise you have sent an email to the wrong person.

Following on from the recent forgotten attachment detector, the two new Gmail features are due to be rolled out across Gmail accounts within the coming days in an attempt to increase user ease with the service.

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Via: TechRadar