New 'freemium' EA app offers $60 worth of in-game downloads

Theme Park for iOS looks to capitalise on expensive in-app purchases

Moving away from traditional sales methods EA and a number of other developers have started offering hugely expensive in-app purchases

With more premium smartphone and tablet applications landing free of charge with the hope of making cash via in-app purchases, EA has pushed the limits with its latest free to download game offering downloadable content up to $60 (£37.66).

Making the jump from PC and console to Apple's iDevice supporting iOS platform, timeless classic Theme Park is the new freemium app causing a stir with its managerial sim gameplay forcing users to either play for hours to unlike the best rides or simply plump the $60 fee for the likes of the Skull-Train roller coaster.

Freemium in-app purchases

Whilst EA’s Theme Park title is making headlines, it is far from the only mobile application to play host to seemingly extortionate in-app purchases.

Gameloft’s recently outed NFL Pro 2012 hit the iTunes App Store free of charge last month with the majority of in-game content only available with a hefty amount of credits or gaming XP.

Looking to capitalise on the impatient nature of iOS gamers NFL Pro 2012 offers in-game credit and XP packages that run up to £34.99 each.

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Via: CVG