New Far Cry 3 trailer reveals new gameplay features and story

Tropical based survival shooter Far Cry 3 trailer released by the game's developer Ubisoft

Ahead of the upcoming September Far Cry 3 UK release date, developer Ubisoft has released a new gameplay trailer for the survival thriller

Developer Ubisoft has released a new teaser video for one of its most eagerly awaited upcoming gaming releases with the new Far Cry 3 trailer hitting the web.

Offering a deeper insight into the narrative of the tropical survival shooter, the new Far Cry 3 Psychedelic trailer has shown off a number of new gameplay features, characters and plot lines with the in-game footage including video revealing gamers will be forced to pilot a hang glider and steer clear of shark infested waters.

Introducing Dr. Earnhardt, the latest Far Cry 3 trailer has revealed the title’s heavy drug ilk with gamers needing to take a selection of narcotics to traverse their way through a series of levels and in-game challenges.

“Far beyond the reach of civilization is a mysterious island overrun with violence and suffering,” the official Ubisoft Far Cry 3 listing states. “While travelling with friends, you are taken captive and brutalized. Your only hope of survival lies in unravelling the dark secrets of the island and its deranged inhabitants. Alone at the edge of the world, where nothing is what it seems, you must find a way to fight back and escape this island of insanity.”

Far Cry 3 Release Date

The third instalment to the Far Cry franchise, the Ubisoft developed title will touch down later this year with the intense survival title to land for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC formats. A Far Cry 3 UK release date has been set for September 2012.

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