New Facebook App Centre attempts to monetise mobile users

Zuckerberg jumps on the App bandwagon

Facebook has launched its very own App Center - well sort of, more a social portal the App Center is a recommendation for all Facebook-friendly apps

Facebook has launched the App Center, its very own portal to all Android and iOS apps that are both Facebook-approved and Facebook-friendly, that means direct links to apps like Spotify, Draw Something and more.

Launched in the US today and with no timeframe for worldwide release, the App Centre will allow users to buy mobile and web applications while browsing on their PC on through an existing Facebook app for iOS and Android.

When users attempt to purchase an application on their iPhone or Android mobile they will be re-directed to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – this means that Facebook will act as a directory, rather than a fully-fledged distributor.

Sporting 600 games the App Centre includes old favourites such as Draw Something and Pinterest and new additions like Jetpack Joyride and Ghost Recon Commander.

Integrating mobile and desktop is clearly a priority as a designated ‘send to mobile’ option is provided when purchasing applications on

Features being pushed by Facebook include personalised recommendations and the ability to browse the apps your friends are using. This is all well and good, but with paid apps being offered for the first time in the social-networks 8 year history the question is: are people willing to pay?

It is an interesting approach for the social-networking site and taking on well-established and greater-stocked directories like Apple and Google is not without risks but with a hoard of loyal fans Facebook might have just managed to monetise its mooching mobile users.