New Dragon Drive platform is like Siri for your car

Nuance wants you to have a conversation with your four-wheeled friend

The Siri-effect is pulsating through the tech world. Voice recognition kingpins Nuance have launched a version of its Dragon Dictation tech for your car.

Nuance, the company behind the nifty Dragon Dictation software, has announced a new platform which takes its voice recognition skills into your mode of transportation.

The new Dragon Drive Message platform will allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel so they can listen to text messages and emails and reply using only their voice.

The service, which Nuance will license out as-yet-unnamed partners in the auto industry, can also be used as a source of information, just like Apple's Siri. You can ask Dragon Drive Message for directions, control your car's entertainment system and search the web.

While our first instinct was, of course to liken the innovation to Apple's voice-controlled personal assistant, Nuance reckons its more like KITT from Knight Rider. That's infinitely cooler.

"We are already making KITT in many ways. There is a Siri-like effect sweeping across all product categories," said Nuance's Mike Thompson.

The tech is likely to start appearing in vehciles this summer.

Via: TheVerge