New door lock uses iPhone as a key

Kwikset Kevo combines a traditional key lock with keyless entry; due for launch this summer

Kwikset has introduced a new lock that uses your iPhone as an alternative key mechanism.

The US lock maker unveiled Kevo, which has both a standard key tumbler as well as the new electronic mechanism.

The dual unlock mechanism means it is possible to unlock the door using the key, the supplied branded key fob, or your iPhone. It currently supports the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

Keyless entry technology has been around for a while now. Moving it to a device like the iPhone was a natural progression.

However, the new lock has some other tricks up its sleeve.

It is possible to send a key to someone else's iPhone 4s or 5. This means that in emergencies, someone like a relative or trusted friend could access your house without the need for an expensive locksmith call out.

The temporary keys can be set to work for a limited amount of time. For example, you could give your friend a temporary key that works for two weeks so they can feed a pet while you're away on holiday.

The technology is being positioned as more secure than a traditional key that can be lost.

According to Kwikset, the Kevo lock works for about a year on a set of two AA batteries.

It is set to be released in the US this summer. There is no word on whether it will see a UK release.

We've contacted Kwikset to find out though.