New Apple TV: no hard drive and new processor

Intel being ditched for AMD say analysts

Brand new Apple TV to rock iOS and new features reckons Digitimes.

Apple TV is set for a major overhaul according to analyst types Digitimes Research. The latest gossip reckons the set-top box is about to switch to an AMD Fusion offering, ditching the Intel processor in the current model.

In addition, the new effort will come without a hard drive, meaning you’ll need to snaffle videos over the cloud in order for it to play nice. This would tie in with rumours of a cloud-based movie rental service based on Apple acquisition Lala.

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There’s more too. Digitimes says iOS will be a core part of the device, letting you access social networks and the web on your telly. A pared down Mac Mini, if you like.

This is all grist to the rumour mill, but what do you make of it? Would you buy an Apple TV if it rocked these features? Tell us now on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Digitimes