New Apple TV good-to-go

Credit card charges show new set-top box on its way

Cupertino keeps good its promise of releasing Apple TV four weeks after announcement.

Slapped down £99 for a new Apple TV? Then you should be getting your tiny set top box within a matter of days. Apple has started charging the credit cards of those who pre-ordered, meaning your new streaming gadget should be on its way soon.

Apple promised that the new edition of its “hobby product” would be out four weeks after its unveiling on 1 September. For those at the back, the new box offers 99c TV show rentals in the States, while jettisoning its hard drive to keep costs low.

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However, there are no deals in place as yet in the UK, meaning you’ll be restricted to using the new AirPlay feature to stream TV, films and tunes from your Mac or PC to your telly. Word is that NBC has said it’s not keen on joining in across the pond, saying the low price point “devalues” their programmes.

Have you bought a new Apple TV? Or are you waiting for some deals to be struck here in Blighty before splashing out. Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via MacRumors