New Apple TV already jailbroken to run apps

iPhone and iPad apps on your big screen TV?

New firmware exploited by SHatter jailbreak

The new Apple TV box, which began shipping in the UK this week, has already been jailbroken, and that could mean users will be able to run App Store applications on the device.

The revamped £99 set-top-box has been unlocked thanks to the SHatter (correct spelling) jailbreak tool that has already been used to open up the new iOS 4.1 firmware.

The restore firmware file posted by Apple yesterday has the same ISPW file extension that is used on the iPhone and iPad.

Apple TV's new OS has been called a mash-up of iOS 4 and the existing Apple TV interface, which means existing cracks may already work.

In real terms, that could mean being able to install and use apps like the iPad's Sky Mobile TV, and other content streaming applications on your Apple TV device.

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Link: Apple (via Wired)