New Apple MacBook update?

Supplies drying up ahead of possible relaunch

Apple's flagship laptop the Macbook is set to receive a long awaited update by the consumer electronics giant as supplies of the company's distinctive white portable computer begin to dry up.

The Apple MacBook has quickly been forgotten about what with Apple's Pro and Air ranges storming ahead and rumours of a new and updated Mac Mini gathers pace. But it seems the entry-level machine is all set for a much-needed update, amid growing speculation that supplies of the distinctive white laptop are quickly drying up.


The news comes just a day after rumours of a Macbook Air update emerged on the blogosphere.

The white MacBook has not been boosted since the end of 2009, meaning it’s long overdue an upgrade. But what can we expect? Well, if rumours are to be believed, Intel Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt and maybe even FireWire, to name a few.

The Macbook is Apple's best-selling laptop to date, selling over 10million units since launching in 2006.

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