New Apple Mac Pro: 16-core 2011 update coming soon?

Powerhouse desktop about to get complete refresh?

Apple's new Mac Pro model could have twice as much power, according to reports, but will it see a 2011 launch?

Ever since Apple started shipping some of its computer line with the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors, we’ve been waiting for the inevitable refresh to spread across the rest of the Mac range. The Mac Pro desktop tower is among that number.

New rumours from 9 to 5 Mac suggest that the new tower will be with us imminently, sporting a ridiculously powerful 16-core CPU. The Pro will be available in several an increments, with 8-core option being the lowest.

With rumour running rife that the MacBook, MacBook Air and Mac Mini will join the fray soon also, it seems only logical that Apple is set to overhaul the Pro too.

Question is: what would you do with a 16-core Mac? With that level of power, you could have the world on a plate. Which Mac do you most want refreshed? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.