title: New iPad 3: Wi-fi problems / url: wifi

Apple iPad 3 problems

New Apple iPad 3: Wi-fi problems

Many users have complained on Apple’s own support forum of problems involving wi-fi.

This includes range and quality of connection, as well as seemingly related entire system crashes. Intermittent problems, such as cut outs, have also been logged.   

Some fairly representative complaints include:

Andrew Mclaughlin2 said: “FYI, I'm having the exact same problem as reported by everyone else here.  iPad 1 and iPhone 4s and laptop all have perfect wifi connections. 

"iPad3 has serious connection problems. I ran speedtest.net app on both devices side by side and iPad3 has half the throughput as all other devices.”

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Some comments have asserted that much like the iPhone 4’s famous ‘antenna gate’ scandal, holding the device in a certain way can effect reception.

“I'm not holding the iPad right now as I usually do, with both hands with the iPad in landscape mode down where the keyboard pops up, and I am holding steady at 2 bars.

As soon as I DO hold it as described, without changing the position too much, I drop to only one bar and in fact it drops connection half the time!!!! You have got to be kidding me right? 

Holding my iPad 3 in the same way as I always did my iPad 1 the wifi reception is very bad!” said clipper99.

“Holding it in or out of the case with the mute button pointing down it will drop  one or two bars from three every time.” added It_caveman”

The Apple forum has hundreds of pages full of comments on this subject alone, though the complaints do invariably differ in their specific issues. There has been speculation as to whether a hardware issue is at fault, or if it’s a software problem. So far Apple has kept quiet on the issue.