Netflix uses piracy to figure out what TV shows to buy

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings believes Netflix is easier than torrenting

Netflix reportedly uses pirate sites to determine which TV shows are worth buying based on what does well on the file-sharing platforms

According to an interview with Tweakers, Netflix's VP of Content Acquisition Kelly Merryman has stated that "with the purchase of series, we look at what does well on piracy sites."

The interview with the Dutch site followed Netflix's recent rollout of the video streaming service to the Netherlands.

Sites such as BitTorrent give Netflix valuable information on popularity of films and TV shows which is said to then be used to work out the most viable purchases.

In another interview with Tweakers, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had expressed that he is aware that content is downloaded via torrent sites for free and without permission.

Hastings says, "Certainly there's some torrenting that goes on, and that's true around the world, but some of that just creates the demand."

Hastings believes that Netflix is much easier than torrenting and eventually people who don't want to download files and move them around will join Netflix as "you just click and watch."

Reportedly, BitTorrent traffic in Canada dropped by 50% following the rollout of Netflix over there three years ago.

Netflix may use the torrrent information to their advantage but the video-streaming giant still faces restrictions from exclusive licenses and competition for online streaming rights.

Earlier this year, Netflix confirmed that it hopes to offer 4K streaming options by 2015.

Source: TorrentFreak