Netflix offering House of Cards season premiere free for all

Wants to reel you in with the first dose of Kevin Spacey's new show

Netflix is desperately trying to establish itself as an original content provider. The first major, original series House of Cards is available to stream now and even non-members can get in on the action

Netflix has made the first episode of its eagerly anticipated House of Cards series available for all to watch, regardless of whether users are signed-up for the company's monthly subscription package.

The new political drama, which Netflix is believed to have pinched from under the nose of US juggernaut HBO, stars Kevin Spacey and is the company's most important step into original programming yet.

To that end, Netflix wants to get everyone involved by offering the premiere free to air over at, in the hope that viewers will be impressed/suitably hooked and sign up for its £6 a month streaming package.

For members the entire season is now available to stream in one fell swoop, so if you're short of something to do this weekend, early reviews suggest its definitely worth a shot.

House of Cards isn't Netflix's first stab at original programming. Lilyhammer (which was basically Silvio from The Sopranos in Norway) arrived last year. There's also a good deal of excitement about the exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development coming to the platform this year.

Via: Gizmodo