Netflix launches on Sony PS Vita

Movie and TV streaming service goes handheld

While many have welcomed the Sony PS Vita, reviews have had a common theme stressing the importance of the Vita as more than just a gaming device

Netflix is now availble on the Sony PlayStation Vita in the US and Canada with the movie and TV streaming app now available to download via the PlayStation Store.

Announced yesterday via the Netflix blog Brady Gunderson from Netflix Product Development was keen to highlight that just because it's on a portable device doesn't mean it isn't business as usual.

"If you’re a fan of Netflix on PS3, you’ll find the experience familiar, but with a design tailored to Vita’s handheld size and the ability to navigate with buttons or touch."

"It’s a fun device to use, and instantly watching TV episodes and movies looks great on the Vita screen."

Following its UK launch this week the handheld has been predicted to have good sales on the condition that its content is of a high enought standard and this looks to be the first step by Sony to making the PS Vita more than just a handheld gaming device.

It's not yet known when the service will be available for UK Vita owners but we'll keep you posted as soon as we known.