NEC working on ultra-thin battery

Battery tech small enough to be placed inside a credit card

NEC has been working on new ways to power smartphones and gadgets for some time and it appears as though it now has a new solution in ORB

NEC has shown off its prototype ORB (Organic Radical Battery) which can be printed onto 0.3mm circuit boards the size of credit cards.

While in the early stages of testing it is hoped that this new type of battery will be able to some day replace the likes of Lithium batteries which not only use harmful chemicals but are also cumbersome.

Ultra-thin and flexible the battery produces 3mAh which would allow it to update a small screen up to 2,000. This means that potentially it can be used in future electronic paper.

Organic Radical Battery technology relies on a similar chemical reaction that is used in gel handwarmers but instead the reaction is much more controlled and doesn't give off anywhere near as much heat.

NEC believes they can get the batteries into production by 2013, it's not yet known how much they'd cost to produce.

Source: The Register