National Trust outs app for Android

The UK's most special places housed in one handy app

And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England's mountains green?

Our grand little country is so full of hidden treasures that even the Queen's loyalest subjects would have a job discovering them all.

So enter the new National Trust app for Android which provides an exhaustive guide to the most special places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (it's not that Scotland doesn't have any special places, it's just that they aren't listed here).

So if you fancy a day on the coast, an afternoon exploring some of our beautiful forests, rove over mountains or visit some lavish stately homes then the app is perfect for you.

It's handy for tourists and residents alike as it's easy to use the Android handset's GPS to look-up what's available to go and see in your local area, or if you're planning a trip to another part of the country.

It's free to download from the Android Market now. All this talk of roving hills and exquisite gardens has got us feeling all patriotic. Where's that Jerusalem MP3 again?

Link: National Trust app