Napster launches new mobile music streaming service

Exclusive: Napster Unlimited plus Mobile hits handsets

Napster to challenge Spotify with new Napster Unlimited plus Mobile service

Napster has officially announced the launch of its new music streaming service, Napster Unlimited plus Mobile, with more than 15 million tracks to be made available to iOS and Android touting mobile users.

Emulating similar services offered by Spotify and the expected iCloud service reportedly in the works from Apple, Napster’s new Unlimited plus Mobile will charge users a £10 monthly subscription fee in exchange for unlimited music streaming across Wi-Fi or 3G as well as the ability to save and play music whilst offline.

For those not interested in music streaming on the move, Napster has revealed it will offer a home entertainment streaming-only subscription offering with those looking to take up this deal needing to part with £5 per month.

The plus Mobile service, which includes all the computer access features of the home streaming offering, will allow iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android smartphone and tablet users to access their 100 most recently played tracks whilst offline. The Napster Unlimited plus Mobile app is now available for download in both Apple App Store and via the Android Market.

“Napster strives to offer music lovers the opportunity to listen to music without barriers and with complete freedom, empowering users to take the music they love and discover on the move and access via multiple platforms,” announced Napster’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Europe, Thorsten Schliesche announced.

“We are also committed to expanding freedom of access to streaming devices around the home and entertainment systems by integrating Napster services with devices such as internet connected TVs and wireless home audio systems.

“Napster Unlimited plus Mobile is the culmination of listening to our members’ feedback and providing what they have asked us for. We are proud that Napster’s music catalogue of 15 million tracks is one of the largest available and can now truly be accessed anywhere -- complete with the tools to make it easy and fun to navigate such a large and diverse catalogue of continually expanding music.”

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