My Xbox Live update adds controller to iPad app

New update brings companion features to the iPad edition

Microsoft's latest update adds to the already myriad of features available on the My Xbox Live app for iPad bringing retina-display support and more

Microsoft has updated its My Xbox Live app for Apple iPad by adding Retina-Display support and all the remote control features found on the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7.

The 27Mb update brings full remote functionality letting you play movies, Xbox Live videos and also navigate the many features found on the Xbox 360 including Netflix, YouTube and more.

The app also lets you check up on your achievements, talk to friends on Xbox Live, use quickplay and also discover new films and TV series then send them to Xbox.

It's certainly in keeping with the current Microsoft trend of using the Metro UI for all their upcoming software. With Microsoft SmartGlass having been announced at E3 this could also be a precursor to the upcoming interactive app.