title: New Sony Xperia phones / url: Sony-Xperia-P--U

Sony Mobile launches

Sony launched two new Xperia phones on the eve of the show, confirming leaked reports that had been circulating in the weeks prior to MWC. This was Sony Mobile’s first MWC after buying out Ericson’s share of the operation.

The Android-powered Sony Xperia P features a fetching aluminium unibody, a 4-inch reality display and an 8 megapixel camera using Sony's fast capture tech.

It has what Sony calls White Magic Display technology which aims to make the screen viewable even in the sunniest of conditions. The firm claims it's the smartest and brightest display on the market.

The Sony Xperia P also works with a Motorola Atrix-style smart dock that makes it easy to connect to a TV, and offers a laptop computing experience with the capacity to connect other peripherals.

The Xperia U – previously known as Kumquat – is an Android powered slim line smartphone with a 1GHz dual-core processor stashed behind a 3.5 in reality display (the size of the iPhone 4s)

Specs wise it’s fairly mid range, however its real streangth is the design. A “transparent element” in the curved back and transparent strip allow users to set themes and colours, then activate these with calls or texts, photos, and music. Each device comes with x2 colours in the box.

Both will be available in Q2, and join the Sony Xperia S, which was launched back at CES in January.

It was also announced that the 4.6-inch 1280x720 Sony Ion handset will come to the UK this summer.