title: 4G or not 4G / url: 4G-or-not-4G

4G or not 4G

In terms of mobile internet, 4G networks, which have been around in places like the US for some time now, offer much faster connection rates than what we currently have in the UK. 

Ofcom has provisionally given the go ahead for Orange and T-Mobile owner Everything Everywhere, which has a much larger network than its competitors, to recycle its 2G networks to make room for 4G networks ahead of its competitors.

There have been some complaints that this would lead to a monopolistic situation, and the deal hasn’t been given the final go ahead quite yet.

The Coalition declined to comment on this matter, however Labour’s Onwurah blames bickering between the mobile networks for our current lack of modern mobile internet connections:

“So far the mobile industry have spent at least five years arguing over what the conditions for spectrum release should be and this has put us in danger of being left behind it comes to 4G services, the fact that the latest iPad does not support European 4G is an example of that. 

"So we do need to proceed quickly, making sure we have the benefits of competition as the market evolves.”

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