Mozilla updates F1 messaging for sharing on social networks

FI gets updates to UI with new services supported

Sharing got a whole lot easier

Mozilla has launched an updated version of F1 Messaging, a browsing extension that makes it easier to share links.

The F1 Messaging service gives users a one-stop service to share links across social networks, and has now been upgraded with support for more services, service-specific features and a new UI.

The previous horizontal look has been replaced with a vertical layout.

Apart from Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo are services supported by the updated F1. It can now be used to send direct messages to other Twitter users as well sharing links on Facebook group walls. Google Apps and Gmail will now include a thumbnail of the shared link.

The update will only work on Firefox 4 Beta as the developers say the upgraded F1 service uses technology in its new UI only available in Firefox 4.

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