Mozilla: "Is IE9 a modern browser? No."

Mozilla's Paul Rouget blogs about his thoughts on IE9

The browser wars are clearly still on.

Mozilla's Paul Rouget has asked if Internet Explorer is a modern web browser, then answered it on his blog with a large "NO".

He starts out by saying that while IE9 is better than IE8, he doesn't "believe it to be a truly modern browser".

Rouget has set out a detailed blog post as well as an infographic comparing Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4. Via his infographic which details comparisons based on a HTML 5 test, platform support, web compatibility, hardware acceleration and more. In each case he shows that Firefox 4 comes out on top.

He concludes his post by saying why he thinks IE9 is not a modern web browser, and says IE9 is "more modern, but not really modern".

Whatever your thoughts on these browser wars, if you're using Internet Explorer 9 Beta, Microsoft is currently pushing the Release Candidate version through automatic update.

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