Mozilla Firefox 8 launch tomorrow?

Latest version of the browser will be available for both Mac and PC

While it has a completely different number at the end of it, don't be fooled, Mozilla's latest update is not a facelift bringing nothing but positives

Mozilla FireFox 8 will be available for download from tomorrow it seems, with a whole range of back-end features which although may not be as apparent, are designed to make sure using FireFox is safer than ever.

One of the key areas which Mozilla have improved upon is security with third-party add-ons now going through heavy security checks before the user is allowed to download them onto their computer, this improved security has been carried across to all areas of the browser. Alongside security there have been some changes designed to streamline the experience, one of which lets you choose which tabs won't initially load when you start browsing, slightly improving the start-up time.

Finally one of the big features that will be arriving is Twitter integration into the search bar, while already being able to search across any search engine you'll also be able to search within your Twitter account as well.

Will you be getting your hands on FireFox 8 or are you more of a Chrome user? Let us know via the comments box below...

Source: Gadget Venue