Move outselling Kinect 2-1 in the battle of motion gaming

Sony thumping rival in Japan motion gaming sales

Sony topples rival Microsoft in gaming's latest motion war

Despite having won last year’s Christmas sales battle here in the UK, Microsoft’s recently released motion gaming peripheral Kinect is being outsold by its Sony rival the PlayStation Move two-to-one in Japan, new figures have revealed.

Although offering a revolutionary controller-free motion gaming experience, the global launch of Kinect was hit by rocky reviews as a poor selection of release titles and temperamental gameplay threatening to hamper early sales figures. Despite these early concerns, public demand for Kinect rose rapidly with the gaming add-on reported to have shifted more than 10 million units globally to date.

In Japan, however, new figures have shown that Sony’s PlayStation Move motion gaming peripheral sold 170,000 units in the nation between launch and the end of 2010, eclipsing the 90,000 Kinect units shifted within the country during the same time period.

Both Sony and Microsoft are to open their motion gaming devices to developers after a series of innovative hacks saw the two peripheral appearing in a variety of ingenious guises.

Which of the two motion gaming peripherals won out in the battle of the gaming brands for you Sony’s PlayStation Move or Microsoft Kinect? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: TechRadar