Motorola's 2GHz smartphone to launch by end of year

2GHz processor twice as fast as current mobiles

New superphone will trounce Moto's competitors, provided they can pull off the specs.

Motorola have announced their plans for an Android smartphone with a whopping 2GHz processor.

The announcement came in a speech by Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola. Speaking at an event in Chicago, Moto claimed that the new phone - due for release sometime late this year - will "incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today". Or rather, in six months time.

The 2GHz chip is twice as powerful as the standard 1GHz processor found in current top-of-the-line Android smartphones, including T3 top five smartphones entrants Google's Nexus One, the HTC Desire and Motorola's own Milestone.


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What else can we expect from Moto's Android superphone (apart from "everything technologically possible")? Well, according to another spokesperson for Motorola, we can look forward to a gyroscope, an HD screen and an Nvidia Tegra graphics processor. Sounds like someone has Apple's mobile gaming market in their sights...

Motorola's trick here (assuming they pull off the handset in the first place) will be keeping the price low enough to compete with other capable smartphones, and, with that new 2GHz processor, finding a way to power the beast that doesn't require a pair of shoulder straps. More details as we get them...