Motorola Xoom UK price to be 'premium'

Dual-core Android 3.0 Honeycomb is 'pure Google'

Motorola Xoom packing dual-core Android Honeycomb winds up the tension

The world's first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, is to be priced at a 'premium' according to Motorola.

The dual-core Motorola Xoom is due to launch in Q1 in the US.


Motorola XOOM video

Source: T3 Tech Videos


Speaking to T3 at a Motorola Xoom briefing Andrew Morley VP Marketing, Motorola, said: "It's clearly a premium device…and premium means it's going to cost too… we're pretty confident from all the research we've done that the price we're going to launch it at will be competitive."

Interestingly, Morley also hinted at additional wireless potential: "WiFi version is not announced, but that would be an interesting development".

The Motorola Xoom tablet was still being closely guarded at the event, but Dave Burke, Engineering Manger, Google, gave us a few more insights into the Xoom.

Google likes to partner with an OEM each time it releases a new operating system to create a 'lead device' and (following Samsung with the Nexus S for Android 2.3) for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the hardware partnership is with Motorola. So you can forget rumours of other Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets - sure they may (or may not) happen, but the lead Android 3.0 product is the Xoom, which is the first dual-core processor piece of hardware Google has focused on.

When you first see Honeycomb it is massively different to previous Google interfaces, it's cleaner and slicker, as Burke puts it 'inspired by the sea.' Surprisingly the Xoom doesn't run Motoblur, Motorola's excellent social networking skin. Instead it's vanilla Android 3.0. Google's Dave Burke described it as being "pure Google as you you'll get at the moment".

The Motorola Xoom is set to be one of the most exciting products of the year, but does the premium pricing put you off? Join the debate on Facebook and Twitter.

Following from this story, Motorola contacted T3 to inform us there had been miscommunication at the briefing, and released the following statement, regarding the inclusion of MotoBlur:

Motorola XOOM is a Google Experience Device and the first tablet to incorporate Android ™ 3.0 Honeycomb. As such, Motorola Mobility has worked closely with Google to develop and optimize the Honeycomb OS on XOOM, and has no plans to customize the software with MOTOBLUR.