Motorola Xoom 3G pre-orders kick off

£599 for entry-level 3G model

Mobile network-enabled zoom £100 more than Wi-Fi only model.

With PC World firing the starting gun on Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi pre-orders yesterday, Carphone Warehouse has now followed its retail rival with the Motorola Xoom 3G. The SIM-free slate will cost £599.99.

Motorola XOOM video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Carphone and Best Buy have first dibs on the Motorola Xoom 3G, so they’re the only places you can lay your hands on one for now. If you put down your cash now though, be aware you’ll need to wait until the start of April before it ships.

The Motorola Xoom comes without Flash across the pond, where it’s just been released, although by the time it hits these shores, an update should mean Adobe-backed video works a treat on the Android Honeycomb tablet.

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Link: Carphone Warehouse