Motorola primes mobile streaming box for CES

Snaffle content on your mobile or tablet via new gadget

Home only access for now, but big plans to stream cloud content to wherever you are.

Motorola has given gadget fanatics a sneak peek of what they can expect from them when CES hits Vegas in January. The mobile maker has unveiled plans for a new mobile streaming box, which will fire video to tablets and phones.

Rather than pulling content from your PC or external hard drive though, it’ll serve up clips over the cloud. Moto says that at first you’ll be limited to watching vids at home while it hammers out TV deals so you can watch shows via the box wherever you are.

There’s no word yet on price, or what shows you’ll get, but Moto’s execs reckon this is the beginning of an inevitable meet-up between mobile phones and set top boxes. One even said that TV providers could offer this new slab of smarts as an incentive to stay on board and not switch supplier.

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Via Reuters