Motorola Milestone 3 not coming to UK

Online retailer claims top-end Android phone will be US-only says UK version of Droid 3 will not be released.

Getting primed for the release of the Motorola Milestone 3 here in the UK? Well this morning brings bad news, with online retailer claiming that the phone will not be launching on these shores.

In a blog post, the mobile emporium says, “The recently leaked Motorola Droid/Milestone 3 will not see a UK release. Of course, these things are open to change, but the message that we are receiving at the moment is that it will not be launched in the UK.”

No reason has been given for the decision, which is likely to upset those after a top-end new Android phone with QWERTY skills and no annoying custom skin slathered on top of Google’s OS.

The good news is that the Motorola Pro, revealed at MWC 2011 as the Euro version of the US-only Droid Pro, will now be released in July. That phone had also been expected not to make the trip to Britain.

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