Motorola Droid 3 spied

Droid X2 and Targa phone also snapped

Image 1 of 3 Droid 3
Droid 3
Image 2 of 3 Droid Targa
Droid Targa
Image 3 of 3 Droid X2
Droid X2

No specs yet, but release of next-gen Moto phones shouldn't be far off.

The Motorola Droid 3 has just posed for a spanking new spy shot. And what’s more, two other new blowers, the Droid X2 and Motorola Targa, have also spotted by the same keen Moto fan.

The Droid 3 appears to have the same slideout keyboard as its successors, while the Droid X 2 promises to be a US-only affair, just like the current model.

The Motorola Targa is a touchscreen-only device, rocking a beefed-up camera if the protrusion round the back is anything to go by. Sadly, there are no specs to go with any of the pics, but the Droids will most likely get the official nod before summer.

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Via Engadget and Howard Forums