Motorola Droid 2 explodes in man's ear

User claims smartphone explosion caused lacerations

Alleged Milestone 2 malfunction leads to stitches for US customer.

Readers considering adding Motorola's Milestone 2 to their Christmas list may want to hold fire, as a US customer has reported his two-day-old Milestone (or Droid 2, as it's known across the pond) blew up in his ear while trying to make a call.

Aron Embry claimed on Fox News that his new Droid 2 turned on him as he was getting into his car. "I heard a loud pop. I didn't feel any pain initially. I put the phone down. I felt something dripping. I realised it was probably blood."

Despite the alleged explosion, the phone was apparently still in working condition, although the screen was cracked (and was spattered with blood).

Upon receiving the injury, Embry did what any victim of such misfortune would, and drove over to the nearby school where his wife works and got her to take pictures of him. He was then taken to hospital where he received four stitches.

Motorola have yet to comment on whether they think this is a real technical problem with the Droid 2 or if there's been some foul play on the part of Embry, but when a man's first reaction is to get pictures of a bleeding wound rather than get it stitched up, we'd say a bit of courtroom drama is on the cards. Take a look at the evidence for yourself in the video below: