Motorola details Android 2.2 FroYo updates

Milestone feeling the love soon, but what about other blowers?

High-end handset will get FroYo, but ageing phones have no such luck.

Motorola has just unleashed its Android 2.2 FroYo upgrade plans. And they make for good reading if you’ve got a hefty Motorola Milestone in your pocket.

The QWERTY slider, which was initially slated to miss out on an update, is getting the boost to Android 2.2 at the start of October. However, the Backflip will not be getting the jump to Android 2.1 and neither will the Motoblur-packing DEXT.

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US versions of the Backflip will be getting Android 2.1 in the next couple of months, while Canadian versions of the DEXT could also be in line for the same treatment. The changes around the globe seem a tad arbitrary, with the Milestone likely to miss out on FroYo in Latin America and Canada.

Of most concern, though, is the fact that European versions of the Milestone XT720 don’t even get a look in. Asian versions of the phone will be getting the bump from October.

The plans all make for some odd tactics from Motorola. What do you think? Have they get their Android 2.2 rollout wrong? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter.

Via Unwired View