Motorola Atrix gets Everything Everywhere exclusive

Hybrid smartphone/laptop heading to UK soon

O2, Three and Vodafone customers will have to wait

The Motorola Atrix has reportedly been hoovered up as an Everything Everywhere exclusive. Details are still sketchy on when the Atrix will make it to Blighty – it’s already been released Stateside – but for all those Orange and T-Mobile customers looking for a new uber-handset, the wait is nearly over.

While analysts have reported a slow take-up on the Motorola Atrix and its bigger tablet brother, the Xoom, across the pond, there’s no doubt its functionality sets it apart from run-of-the mill smartphones.

Of course, the Atrix can exist confidently as a dual-core toting, FroYo tasting smartphone, but interestingly it aims to bridge the gap between a phone and a computer with three docks.

The Laptop Dock comes with an 11.6-in attachable screen and keyboard, while the Media Dock allows for a seamless connection to big HD screens. Lastly there’s a Desk Dock, which charges the handset.

Inside the phone there’s 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a 960 x 540 high-resolution qHD display. The handset is expected to run on Android 2.2 but there should be an update to Gingerbread, arriving in the very near future.

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