Motorola Atrix arrives on T-Mobile today

Network releases smartphone with enticing sweetners

T-Mobile has given an opening offer that could well have you thinking twice before you head to Apple.

T-Mobile has announced you can now get Motorola's flagship smartphone the Atrix. With a dual-core processor offering 2GHz of processing power and the option to turn it into a fully functioning desktop tool through webtop.

Motorola Atrix video

Calling itself the 'world's fastest phone' the Atrix certainly has some of the specs to back it up. Running Android 2.2 with a dual-core processor, HD Video recording and the ability to use a Lapdock which essentially turns it into a netbook.

T-Mobile has clealy jumped on board with this ethos and is offering customers who spend over £40.85 a month a free Work and Play kit which includes the HD Dock, Keyboard, Mouse and Remote Control. A tidy package indeed.

For those who perhaps would like something more, they will also be offering the Lapdock, a fully fledged companion with 11.6-inch screen, surround-sound speakers and keyboard, all in a laptop design that weighs 1.1kgs.

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