Motorola Atrix arrives on T-Mobile today

Network releases smartphone with enticing sweetners

T-Mobile has given an opening offer that could well have you thinking twice before you head to Apple.

T-Mobile has announced you can now get Motorola's flagship smartphone the Atrix. With a dual-core processor offering 2GHz of processing power and the option to turn it into a fully functioning desktop tool through webtop.

Motorola Atrix video

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Calling itself the 'world's fastest phone' the Atrix certainly has some of the specs to back it up. Running Android 2.2 with a dual-core processor, HD Video recording and the ability to use a Lapdock which essentially turns it into a netbook.

T-Mobile has clealy jumped on board with this ethos and is offering customers who spend over £40.85 a month a free Work and Play kit which includes the HD Dock, Keyboard, Mouse and Remote Control. A tidy package indeed.

For those who perhaps would like something more, they will also be offering the Lapdock, a fully fledged companion with 11.6-inch screen, surround-sound speakers and keyboard, all in a laptop design that weighs 1.1kgs.

Has T-Mobile enticed you to head over from the world of Cupertino or away from Samsung's excellent Galaxy S 2? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.