Monitor Audio i-deck range of iPod docks launched

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 and i-deck 200 released

Monitor Audio i-deck 200 release confirmed alongside i-deck 100 arrival

Update: The i-deck 100 is now £200 (from £299) and the 200 version is now £250 (from £399).

Monitor Audio has unveiled two new iPod docks combining premium design with a high-end audio experience in the Monitor Audio i-deck 100 and i-deck 200.

Compatible with the full spectrum of iPod and iPhone devices i-deck users can connect their Apple gadget via a centralised flexible dock with audiophiles appeased by the dual precision Digital to Analogue Converters that reside in both devices to provide high quality sound.

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Featuring an additional driver and larger tweeters the i-deck 200 is the more deluxe of the two docks with both systems boasting Automatic Position Correction technology, an innovation room equalisation feature. Both systems also come sporting a 3.5mm jack connector and boxed with an aesthetically pleasing remote.

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