Modu hits the skids

Miniature mobile's future in doubt as company sheds staff

Basic blower only launched in UK this summer after lengthy development.

Remember Modu, the micro mobile that changed personalities by donning different “jackets”? Well, it seems the future’s not so rosy for the leftfield gadget, with its Israeli owner having to lay off staff, with plans for an Android phone looking distinctly unlikely to come to fruition.

Speaking to reporters, Dov Moran said, “This is not the end of Modu. We will try to raise money from other sources of capital. The company will continue to sell its products.” But with only 30 staff on board, most of whom are likely to be shown the door, it remains to be seen whether this neat smartphone alternative can truly survive.

Moran continued: “We did not manage to persuade people that Modu has great potential, and that hurts a lot. It's my failure." Sadly, Modu landed at the same time as the boom in smartphones started. Its Android plans look great, but with big players unleashing phones on a seemingly monthly basis, it was always going to be hard to compete.

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Via Globes