Modern Warfare 3 to beat Battlefield 3 says T3 poll

Poll: According to you, CoD is king, but only just

There can be only one, and according to you, it's CoD, just.

Quite simply, we asked you yesterday which game will be better, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3, and already we've had a staggering response, 72,883 votes in all.

At time of writing we can confirm that it is in fact the latest in the Call of Duty series that you think will be the better of the two, grabbing 52 per cent of the votes with 38,297 collective seals of approval.

With 47% however Battlefield 3 is not far behind, most probably aided by anticipation for the new Frostbite engine which was wowing both PC and console users at E3 this year.

Of course with its trademark cinematic gameplay and storyline, Call of Duty has once again laid down the gauntlet for blockbuster action, something which Battlefield will have to match, if not exceed.

With the poll still open it's fair to say this is not the final call, so head over and vote which you think will be better.

Poll: Battlefield 3 vs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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