Modern Warfare 3 bans 1600 players

Mass-ban of cheaters who exploited a bug

Modern Warfare 3 may be the largest entertainment launch of its kind but even the biggest games have bugs, and bugs always get exploited...

Infinity Ward has banned over 1600 gamers from playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the grounds that they have been exploiting a bug in the game and using it to give them an unfair advantage over other players online.

Speaking on Twitter Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling left little to the imagination: "Any attempt to cheat, hack, or glitch in #MW3 will not be tolerated. 1600+ bans issued. Updates in works. Please cont. to report offenders."

While confirming that those were for consoles Bowling later pointed out that bans would be occuring on PC as well with a fix being prepared for all formats so that gamers would be unable to exploit such loopholes in the future.

With 'cheating' becoming more and more a business everyday are Infinity Ward right to ban gamers for exploiting elements of a game? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: CVG