Modern Warfare 3 available for 99p - offer ends in six days

Gamers can snag themselves a copy of Battlefield 3 for 99p, but like always, there's a catch

Gamestop is offering Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for an astonishing 99p. Sounds good, right? Well, no. Cos you have to buy Battlefield 3, return it, then pay 99p for Modern Warfare 3 - total brain freeze

We all know a cock and bulls story when we see one, and this offer from Gamestop is certainly a cheap trick but, we’re told, it means gamers can test out both games before committing to a single first-person shooter. Or they can just keep both - unimaginable, but there are some really sick people out there!

So long as you live in the UK and are eighteen or over, you can snag yourself a copy of the much mooted Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for a wallet-friendly 99p. That’s right: for the same price as a McFlurry, you can treat yourself to hours of action-packed gun-touting fun fare.

But whilst it may sound like an amazing – no, scratch that – bleeding cool offer, like with most of these so-called 'deals', there are more catches involved than a fisherman in the Atlantic.

Firstly you must pre-order Battlefield 3 for £36.97 from Gamestop before October 27th. Then you must also pre-order Modern Warfare 3 for £41.97 before November 7th. This means you’ll have to pay a total of £78.94 before you can even get your mitts on the games themselves – yikes!

However, gamers can reclaim the price of Battlefield 3 but not without being charged 99p – and there’s the catch, as you'll basically be paying £41.97 plus 99p, bringing the total cost of the game to £42.96 - in theory, you're spending 99p to rent Battlefiled 3. GAME, on the other hand, will offer COD: Modern Warfare 3 for £39.99 when it's released on November 8.

Still, we think it’s a pretty good deal and it will give Battlefield virgins the opportunity to play the game without suffering any major financial loss.

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ll be sorely dissapointed as the offer is only available to Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 users. It’s like Apple vs Android, and with BlackBerry users left on the sidelines.

Battlefield 3 has consistently been doing better at Gamestop than Modern Warfare 3, topping the games chart week in and week out, but whether or not those who buy it choose to give up their copy for the new Call of Duty remains to be seen.