Mobile devices to outnumber people by the end of the year

New figures suggest there will be more mobile devices in the world than people this year

As we continue to covet new smartphones and tablets, new figures have suggested mobile devices will outnumber people in the world this year

The rise in portable tech has kicked into overdrive in recent years with new reports suggesting their will be more mobile devices than people in the world by the end of 2012.

The latest figures, compiled by Cisco Systems, have suggested the rapid rise in popularity of the smartphone, tablets and other mobile tech would see enough of the portable gadgets manufactured to be handed out to every living person in the world by the end of the year.

With figures expected to continue to grow as demand for the latest Internet connected mobile devices rises, the Cisco report has predicted that in coming years the portable gadget market will expand at a faster rate than the global population.

Forecasting continued expansion up until at least 2016, the newly released figures have predicted there will be more than 10 billion active mobile devices in the world in four years time, a figure that relates to more than 1.4 devices per person for the projected 7.3 billion strong population.

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Via: GeekyGadgets