Ministry of Defence highlights risks of social media

Video: MoD campaign rolls out viral campaign

The Ministry of Defence has released a set of YouTube videos to encourage service personnel not to share sensitive information on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

The Ministry of Defence has launched a campaign to highlight to personnel the risks of using the likes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The first of two videos (which you can see below) shows the mother of a soldier drinking tea with a balaclava-wearing terrorist after her son shared mission information over Facebook. The second video shows two navy sailors preparing for a night out, sharing their location on Foursquare with potentially dangerous consequences.

MoD spokesman Major Gen Lorimer said that the Personal Online Security campaign is not aimed to, "scare service personnel, families and veterans" adding that, "we certainly do not want them to stop using social media.”

Lorimer added, "We want our men and women to embrace the use of sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, but also want them to be aware of the risks that sharing too much information may pose. You don't always know who else is watching in cyberspace."

The campaign, which will run on the Ministry of Defence Facebook page, Twitter and on YouTube, is set to add two more videos before the end of July.

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Link: Ministry of Defence