Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable not licensed

HDMI company confirms product should not be sold

Got a new MacBook? Want to play HD movies on your TV with it? HDMI has other ideas.

The company behind HDMI has said that any manufacturers that make the Mini DisplayPort to male HDMI cable should cease production immediately as the product isn't in fact licensed.

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Talking to TechRadar the company revealed that it was indeed now contacting all those companies and informing them that such a cable was not testable under their specifications and therefore should not be produced or sold.

What is allowed interestingly is a Mini DisplayPort to female HDMI dongle which then allows you to plug a licensed HDMI cable inbetween. So while it may not be the end of the world for us as a consumer, it is another cable to add to the collection.

Of course HDMI has recognised that there is very much a need and demand for the original specification and has confirmed that it will be looking into finding a solution which will allow the cable to go back on sale. For now though it looks as though your best bet is to hit the stores now before stock dries up.

What do you think, is HDMI making a grave mistake here or just protecting it's technology? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: TechRadar