Microsoft's home of the future gets an update

Company updates its 'Future Vision' with next-generation tech

With Microsoft making more hardware the company has decided it's time to update its home of the future showing off a world where every surface can be interactive

Microsoft has released its latest 'Future Vision' based around the company's Home of the Future space at its Redmond headquarters. The video showcases new technologies including giant touchscreens and advanced image recognition not unlike that found on the Xbox Kinect hardware.

The video is designed to be a look into the future showing off technology that Microsoft feels will become commonplace in just a few years, integrating not only their Microsoft Surface Tablet but also some next-gen tech.

Based around what appears to be one universal operating system users are able to share content with any device in the house with one example showing how someone could take a design drawing from a tablet and simply move it into an interactive desk.

The company has also looked into how screen technology can be used in the kitchen with an intelligent camera recognising a piece of food you're holding up and then recommending recipes based around that food type.

Ingredients are then displayed onto the worktop while an interactive video then runs you through how to prepare the meal on a large screen in the kitchen.

Whilst some of these technologies already exist Microsoft is clearly looking towards a time where they all become commonplace.